Elevate Your Email Marketing: Growing Your Subscription List

Elevate Your Email Marketing: Growing Your Subscription List

In the first part of this article, you learned innovative ways to engage your audience with personalized content.


Now that you have rebooted your email marketing campaign, here are four customer acquisition strategies you can implement to amp up your subscription list.

1. Include a pop-up on your website to convert visitors into subscribers.

Dan Zarrella, author of The Science of Marketing, measured subscription rates with and without pop-ups. With pop-ups, his subscription rate nearly doubled with little changes to his bounce rates.



Applying popups to your website like our client, Golden Spoon, will make a drastic difference in your subscription rates.

2. Promotions & sweepstakes – Encourage new email subscriptions by linking promotions and sweepstakes through your blogs and other social media channels.

Everyone loves a chance to save money wherever they can.

58% people say receiving discounts and special offers was the top reason for subscribing to company emails (Chadwick Martin Bailey).

Turning your blog or social media followers into email subscribers through these offers can be the perfect opportunity for you to introduce them to your more tangible products.



Here, we’ve integrated an e-coupon for our client, Daphne’s California Greek.

3. Provide an HTML version of your email to be available online for non-subscribers.

While your current subscribers receive your regular e-newsletters, providing an HTML version of your email will allow your content to be available on search engines for non-subscribers.

Focus on using keywords and interesting content to not only retain your current subscribers, but to also pique the interests of curious, potential consumers outside of your subscription list. Let your brand and content be discovered.


Bridg – practicing what we preach.

4. Gain new email subscribers through your existing subscribers’ social network.

Encourage sharing among your existing subscribers through incentives. You’d be surprised by how loyal subscribers can be opportunistic in sharing the good word of your brand.

The people your current subscribers will share with will most likely be like-minded individuals with similar interests. This means they will most likely be just as excited to subscribe to what your brand has to offer.

Providing incentives not only encourages your subscribers to share your brand, but also encourages brand loyalty and continued engagement.

Sounds like a win-win situation.


JC Penney provides special codes for referrals.

Bottom line:

Customer loyalty is all about attracting the right consumers, with the right message, and then keeping those customers coming back for more.  Email subscribers are some of the most loyal customers a marketer can hope for.

By implementing strategic opt-in techniques and promotional offers to build up your subscription list (and following up with segmented messaging) marketers have a real chance of converting casual  visitors into long-term brand advocates.

To learn how to keep your subscribers once you have captured them, refer to part one of this two part article on elevating your email marketing game.

Sarah Chung
Content Marketer