NASA Global Climate Change Monitoring Website

NASA Global Climate Change Monitoring Website

OCTOBER 03, 2014

by Sarah Chung

In an effort to promote awareness and education in the ongoing topic of climate change, NASA’s Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet site provides accurate live data, tracking the Earth’s climate status down to a tee, or rather, carbon dioxide concentration.

NASA is the world’s leading climate research agency, and while some of the most renowned scientists have teamed up to launch this website, don’t let the plethora of stats and graphs intimidate you. If you’re nowhere near being an accredited scientist like me, you’ll appreciate the thorough yet simple breakdowns that are provided for everything from a basic explanation of greenhouse effect, to a data analysis on the rising sea level trend.

With that said, what makes NASA’s site even greater is how it is able to deliver such innovative news to such a broad audience. Whether you are looking to educate your children on climate change, or you are an already knowledgeable expert looking for the latest article on energy innovation, this website is a one-stop-hub for the most up-to-date information on the future of climate change.

Check it out: